Policy on Dogs

Big Lick Brewing Company – Dog Policy
– All dogs must be leashed and watched by their owner at all times.
– All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated before entering the brewery property.
– Female dogs in heat are not allowed on brewery property.
– Keep food and drinks away from dogs at all times.
– A person may not handle more than two dogs at once.
– Dogs must be removed from the property at the first sign of aggression. Aggressive dogs are not permitted under any circumstances.
– Dogs who bark excessively must be taken outside. One warning will be given before you are asked to remove your dog for barking excessively.
– Dog grooming is not allowed inside the brewery.
– Dog waste is not permitted inside or on the brewery premises.

We have always been dog friendly and will continue to welcome all well behaved pets. It is our hope that this new Policy on Dogs will allow us to have a happy medium while also increasing the overall safety for our patrons, furry friends and employees. Thank you all for your attention to this matter. We look forward to seeing you and your awesome pets soon. We’ll have a cold one waiting for you and a treat waiting for your dog when you come in. Cheers!