Beer Tours

In addition to our own in house private tours, here’s another option offered by Roanoke Craft Beer Tours

How The Tour Works  

On every tour we’ll have an pre-established route of breweries and craft beverage venues we’ll visit.  Each tour will have 3 stops/loops.  Each stop/loop is a group of venues (breweries and other craft beverage locations).  You select one venue from each of the stops/loops to Hop-Off and enjoy.  We’ll be back in approx. an hour for you to Hop-On.  Each guest chooses one location to enjoy at each of the 3 loops.

The times indicated at each venue below are the Hop Off  the bus/and Hop On the bus times.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with each venue, or perhaps don’t know which ones you’d like to visit.  Our Ambassador/Drive will provide information about each venue to help you decide.

Like to plan ahead instead? That’s OK too, you’re welcome to call or email us in advance for suggests.

At the end of the tour, everyone will Hop On the bus and we’ll head back to downtown Roanoke. We’re happy to offer complimentary Hop Off anywhere within the downtown or Grandin Village vicinity after we’ve dropped the other guests at their pickup location.

Ready To Join the Fun?

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