About Big Lick Brewing Company

Original Nano Brewery 135 Salem Avenue

Big Lick Brewing Company

West Station 409 Salem Ave

Originally Roanoke’s first Nano Brewery, our success has been built slowly through the development of quality beers, brewed with the best ingredients, by people using state of the art equipment.

Owner Bryan Summerson, award winning homebrewer, plans a 2bbl Nano Brewery in downtown Roanoke, Virginia

Big Lick Brewing Company opens original location in September at 135 Salem Avenue.
“We rarely brew the same beer twice” – over 120 recipes are crafted at 135 Salem Avenue.

Expansion plans underway designing and building out our West Station Production Facility.

West Station Facility opens in October 2017 at 409 Salem Avenue, with a state of the art 15bbl brewhouse, as Roanoke City’s largest brewery.

Limited distribution begins with Roanoke Mountain Distribution Co.
Recognized by the Brewers Association in April 2018 as a Top-50 fastest growing craft beer brewery of 2017 in the United States.

5th Anniversary and distribution begins with Blue Ridge Beverage Co.
Begin in house canning of select recipes for retail and distribution.

During the covid-19 lockdown, the brewery adapts to provide online ordering with beer deliveries and on-site pickup.

Expansion plan of brewery is completed to eventually increase production capabilities by 20 percent.