Best Beers to Drink While Playing Online

Last year was the year of the lockdown. The entire world was asked to stay home in order to help to curb down the global pandemic. Being stuck inside obviously led to boredom, which most people decided to battle with a simple solution – playing online games!  

The pandemic has passed (at least we hope so), but people remain hooked to the thrill that online games provide. No surprise there; after all, those games are meant to be fun and take your mind off stressful thoughts. The more fun you have, the better the game!

Same as with literally anything in the world, your experience can be enhanced with a beer or three. The question is whether should you go with any kind of beer for any game? Of course not! The key to taking your level of entertainment to the maximum is to make the right beer choice.

This may sound like a tricky challenge, especially if you don’t consider yourself a beer connoisseur. But, worry not, we’re here to help you out!

Non-Alcoholic Beer For Online Gaming

Are you a gambling person? Do you like to make some sports bets or spin the wheel of fortune? If the answer is yes, your choice should be non-alcoholic beer – for obvious reasons.

888 Gaming Slots RTP – Highest RTP 888 Gaming SlotsAlcoholic beverages can make you woozy, causing you to lose the sense of judgment. And that could lead to problems. You surely don’t want to get carried away and lose all the money you got in your account. To prevent that, you need to keep your reason in charge and the way to do it is to stay away from alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beer would be an obvious choice, but there are some alternatives. For instance, you could opt for a shandy a.k.a. radler, which is a low-alcohol mix of beer and lemonade.

Now that we got the beer choice sorted, it’s time to see what kind of online casino games should you try out. As it turns out the game choice tends to depend on the location. For instance, in Japan, pachinko is the most popular one, but in other parts of the world, this game is still pretty much flying under the radar.

Still, some sources suggest that there’s one type of online casino game that’s popular in every corner of the planet. For example, if you try to find the most popular online games in India, you’ll see that the #1 choice of Indians is online slots. That might come as a surprise knowing that India has plenty of traditional gambling games like teen patti or andar bahar.

It’s pretty much the same case all over the globe – online slots are winning the battle against all the traditional gambling games. The reason behind this is obvious. These games are fun and easy to play, with amazing graphics and sound effects.

Pale Ales & IPAs for Multiplayer Games

Video games have also seen a huge surge in popularity during the pandemic. In the post-COVID era, they keep on growing. This trend is likely to continue as video games are getting more realistic as technology advances.

One particular type of video game that’s almost certainly going to remain popular is the online multiplayer game. People simply love to compete with others in virtual arenas.

As of summer 2021, there are eight multiplayer games with more than 500 million daily players. Those are, namely:

  • PUBG (1.037 million)
  • CrossFire (1,000 million)
  • Dungeon Fighter Online (700 million)
  • GKART (700 million)
  • Minecraft (600 million)
  • Pac-Man Doodle (505 million)
  • Candy Crush Saga (500 million)
  • Among Us (500 million)

Those are the most popular games, meaning that at literally any point, you can find someone to play against. However, there are plenty of other interesting games out there – we’re talking tens of thousands of titles.

It wouldn’t be bad to decide on your beer choice depending on the game you’re playing. If it’s a slow-paced social game, you can go with whatever you want. However, if it’s an exciting first-person shooter, we say go with something stronger.

A bloodthirsty zombie from the postapocalyptic works jumping before you is likely to give you a scare. To cool down your nerves, why not go with a pale ale or IPA? Not only do these beer types tend to have a higher alcohol content than your regular lager, but they also have a strong taste.

What this means is that you probably won’t drink too much, which, in turn, will not make you go to the toilet too often. This way, you can keep your eyes glued to the screen!

Final Piece of Advice

No one can argue that online games have the ability to put you in a good mood. This goes especially if you have a quality beer beside you. However, we believe there’s a much, much better alternative – hanging out with your friends in a real brewery!

Don’t trust us? Well, if you’re nearby, why not come to Big Lick and see it for yourself!

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